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Come and See Us!

"Bill's Bluegrass Brothers"

Sneak Peek!

Pushy taking a nap.

Hand Beaded Egret

Hippitty Hop

The beautiful back yard


Mind of its Own


Baby Quilts & other Treasures

Banana on the Beach

Pretty Flowers

Flying Bird

Pink Flamingo

Cone Flowers

Doe Creek

Flower Potty

Owner - Linda Bronkema

Great White Egret

Happy Shoppers at Bits&Pieces

Happy shoppers chatting with "The Tipsy Gypsy"

A Sample of Noel DeBrick's artistry

Painting Pot Party!

Summer Flower

Pink yo-yo House

Prarie Point

Chick Chick Chick

Noel DeBrick - The Tipsy Gypsy

"The Tipsy Gypsy"

More happy shoppers

Come inside and see the Treasure House!

Almost Antiques

Candis Bronkema Acrylic Original

Original Acrylic

Candis Bronkema Water Color Original

Original Water Color

Hand made Greeting Cards

Hand made Pillows

Inside my Studio 2006

Linda Bronkema Originals

Lots of quilts for sale

Lovely Hand Blown Glass

Mary Bisagna paintings

Moon Light Banana

Painting by Linda Bronkema

Painting of Fern by Linda Bronkema

Spoon Collection

Two Bark Cloth Pillows by Linda Bronkema

Wonderfully OLD - Double size

Lots of outdoor vendors

Tipsy Gypsy...Noel DeBrick

Cute family sellling cold waters


More and more goodies!

Gordon Turner of the Baobab Tree


A neighbor stops by.

Acrylic stamped fabric

Acrylic Fern painting

Alcohol painting and hand stitching

Alcohol painting and hand stitching

Hand dyed original, embroidered ArtQuilt

Hand dyed 6 foot Gecko quilt

Purple pleasures

Light green hand stitched

Dark green hand stitched

Original stamps w/Acrylic on fabric

Original stamps w/Acrylic on fabric

Original stamps w/Acrylic on fabric

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